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70's bathroom before and after

Bringing an aged bathroom into the 21st century

Wood panel walls used to be fashionable in bathrooms a few decades ago but Stacey and Nigel decided enough was enough, more room was needed for the growing family - it was time modernise their dark, cramped bathroom that only had a corner vanity and chub bath and bring it into the 21st century.  
How do you create more room in an established home?  Easy peezy – we discussed the options with Stacey and Nigel and found them the simplest solution. Remove an unused cupboard that was accessible via the living area, and then replace the door with a cavity slider.  It was also suggested that by moving the plumbing around, not only could they get a new shower and vanity, but it would also make room for a new toilet.  

And since the wall coverings were off and we’re moving things around, Stacey dream was to have a new heated towel rail, AND vanity lights for the mirror!  We like making dreams come true.

The original bathroom had a small skylight which made a lot of nose when it rains.  We removed this and then made a window in the wall to the living area, with obscured glass.  This enabled the light to filter through into the bathroom.  

See the video of the finished project.