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My 1st ever renovating experience was made so much easier by Mike of Fix It Building Services, Cambridge.  My plan was to convert an existing walk-in wardrobe to an ensuite plus standard wardrobe.   I didn’t want to compromise on the wardrobe space but also had to be sure that the ensuite though small still felt spacious.  By combining our ideas, Mike with his building and practical experience, and me knowing what I wanted to incorporate, we agreed upon the layout and the plan was formed.  Mike was great in allowing me to have input at every stage from the initial drawing right through to completion.   
One of the great things was the quote that Mike provided.  He detailed the work each trade would do, what items (fittings & materials) were included and gave a plan indicating what order things would be done in.    While this was only an estimate it gave me confidence in what I was paying for and the level of service I could expect.   Needless to say changes were made e.g. I was able to source some of the fittings myself & therefore save some money, on the flip side extras were added e.g. double wardrobe doors in place of single & addition of a heated towel rail.
Another positive was the way Mike handled my queries - and there were quite a few!  He gave me quick replies to my emails and we had a running notepad on the dining room table.   It was great to know Mike was handling all of the tradesmen and I only had to deal with Mike.    I had no concerns trusting Mike with access to my property.   (My dog enjoyed the activity & company).
Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike to others.  In fact, I’m now getting Mike to quote on a couple more items of work at my place.   

Debbie L -  Oct2012

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Brief on Renovation:
Debbie wanted to turn a walk-in wardrobe into a master ensuite and then provide a normal double wardrobe elsewhere to cater for her storage needs.

Read the feedback provided by Debbie to get an overview of what they wanted and how we accommodated their requirements and built to their expectations.