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Alecia  had emailed us from Australia.  On their last visit to their Grandmother (who still resides in  their family home in Te Awamutu) they had started to strip out on the bathrooms.  In the time they had, they managed to paint the ceiling and strip the wallpaper off the walls.

Since they didn’t have a chance to complete the project, they requested us to make a quote to finish the job.

Initially they wanted us replace the green wall lining with Gib and paint the walls, install a new vanity and toilet and install new vinyl. After our visit we explained to them that the Gib wall lining was in a bad state (after the removal they had begun of  the wallpaper) and we advised that the most cost effective and best way to correct the problem was to replace all the wall lining with Aqua line Gib. We also discussed the need to replace the shower as this had the old green wall lining as well.

Alecia agreed to all of our suggestions and we begun the job immediately.  Now we are finished they are very happy with the result.

Thank you Mike, it looks amazing! Thank you and your team for all your hard work. My grandmother told me that all the trades people involved were lovely and the bathroom looks great.
Kind regards