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Hi Mike
We were in Hamilton over the weekend and the deck looks amazing :)  

Project Overview:

We just love our customers, and they keep coming back! Trixie lives in Auckland and got in contact with us again.

Her dad had just had his decked cleaned here in Hamilton, and this process uncovered a very unstable deck with rotten boards every where, including the balustrade and treads. Not a very safe deck at all. She was worried for his safety and as we had done previous work for her at this property, she said we were the first ones she thought of.

We came around and surveyed the dangerous decking, suggested that it would be better to start again due to the state of it and proceeded to provide a quote for Trixie and her Dad to review.  The quote was accepted and the decision was made to begin work immediately.

Dad now has a safe and beautiful deck to use and Trudi was so happy with the results she has invited us to come back to do the front deck.