We make renovations easy

Licensed Building Practitioner

Lisa and her family own a few rental properties around Hamilton.  As most landlords know, it’s a good idea to leave renovations till in-between vacancies, so when this particular property became vacant, it was time to move in and renovate the old and tired bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

She came to us and asked for a quote to do the renovation work. We discussed her requirements and gave ideas to best suit her budget.  Lisa liked our suggestions and gave us the go ahead.

As we were renovating we discovered that the wall between the bathroom and laundry had water damage – you can never trust old pipes, and they had to be replaced. We informed Lisa and she told us to repair the wall and renovate the laundry as well, since we were already needing to repair the wall.

The day before the new tenants moved in we helped Lisa with a few last minute jobs she wanted to do herself. ( curtain rails etc.)  We were more than happy to oblige! Lisa’s family now want to renovate all their rental property’s as soon as they become vacant and she asked us to do them.

Happy customer – Happy landlord – Happier tenants