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From my initial phone call with Mike, he was quick to arrange a visit to our home to make an assessment of the work to be undertaken, he then provided us with a very comprehensive quote and warranty for the work along with the clearly documented terms and conditions within a matter of days. Once we confirmed and agreed to the contract, a date was established for the work to be completed and for that, Mike was very flexible to meet our time availability which was most appreciated, as we had listed the house for sale.

Mike pre-purchased the weatherboards and pre stained them, so they were ready for fitting straight away without any need for further preparation. The removal of the old weatherboards, structural assessment of the gable end framing and structure was completed and then the building paper and new weatherboards were cut, drilled, fitted and nailed and the site work was completed in less than a day. All work was discussed with us as it was progressing, so we knew as they went ahead with the work of any issues that may have arisen – none did, so that was great.

Mike and Sam worked hard and tirelessly and completed the job, in time, under budget and a great job done. The completed works adds quality to the home and we are more than satisfied. Great work, fast response, friendly guys and very professional in all aspects. Would I use them again – without doubt, would I recommend them – most certainly.

Many thanks and regards,   Mike P

Project overview:

We think Mike (customer)  has provided such a great testimonial, outlining all that was done and reasons for it that we can't add anything else!

Thanks Mike for the glowing review.