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Our client Aveline wanted the ability to have a laundry unit in her bathroom as at present it was located in the garage which was not accessible from within the house.  She also wanted to include cabinets for storage, a bench top, sink for rinsing and space for a washing machine.  

Aveline advised she didn't have use for the bath and she thought we could remove this but was open to our ideas and suggestions as she had called a few builders in November last year - two turned up and one had a look and informed her it could not be done. She also wanted a new door opening from her kitchen to her Garage. When we came around to view her ideas we discussed what she wanted and didn’t see a problem.

The bath was removed to accommodate a washing machine and bench top sink. New floor tiles were laid in a contrasting colour to the exiting tiles as the exiting tiles were not available but were in theme with the kitchen floor tiles.  We then installed the washing machine which was originally located in the Garage.  After we had finished with her new bathroom, a door to the garage was next on the project, making the garage more readily accessible with a lockable passage lock.

Aveline couldn't have been more thrilled, view her testimonial below!

Thanks Mike and your team .
I had contacted other builders to ask about converting half my bathroom into a laundry facility .  They either did not get back to me or i was told it was impossible. But thanks to you and your awesome team i now have what i want. I am very pleased with the work done and will definitely call you the next time i need something done to the house . Thanks again !

Aveline - 18 March 2016