We make renovations easy

Licensed Building Practitioner

When you purchase an investment property you will find that renovations are generally required and being able to renovate while keeping the costs down to maximise your return on investment (ROI), is why you should call in professional renovators.

This is exactly what Gerard did.  He resides in Auckland City, and had just purchased his rental property in Hamilton.  He came to us with the need to upgrade the bathroom, kitchen and laundry service areas before he could rent out his property. 

We organised to meet on site and discussed the various options available to Gerard.  With any good renovation there is always a need to keep within a budget, without breaking the bank so to speak, ensuring you get a good ROI. It was decided that he would do all the painting himself and organise the new carpet but the rest he wanted us to project manage for him. 

Over the next couple of days a quote was provided and accepted with the work scheduled to begin as soon as possible.  We kept Gerard informed with emails and phone calls of the progress being made and over the course of the renovation, he advised that he no longer wanted to do the painting.

Not a problem, the painting was scheduled to be done at the end of the renovation anyway, so Gerard  let us know when the carpet was being laid and we worked to ensure everything was completed by this date.

Gerard was very pleased with the end result.

Very reliable and trustworthy
Gerard N