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Thanks Mike. Thanks for sorting the scratches to the wall and for all your communication during the job. I would definitely recommend your company to others.
Thank you also for making it as stress free as possible for our tenants. Sarah (tenant) made several comments about how the builders and other tradesmen were very considerate of her with the way they tidied up after themselves.

Project Overview:

Alysha gave us a call as she had a rental here in Hamilton, yet lived in Auckland.  
The bathroom was falling apart as the previous tenants had caused water damage. The bath was literally falling through the floor!

As we had to remove the bath to fix this problem, it was decided to replace it with a shower cubicle. More convenient for the tenants. Decisions were made, quote given and approved, in record time. We juggled our work load to fit this renovation in, due to the dangerous conditions.

The tenants (nurses) had the ability to shower at work, so not too much disruption there, but a toilet is ALWAYS needed! We swapped out the old toilet for new, and tiled all in a day - the ladies came home to a new throne, they were happy. We ensured all disruptions were kept to a minimum because of their schedules, and ensured everything was left tidied at days end.

End results - three very happy tenants with a new bathroom and a landlord that has resolved a potentially dangerous situation.